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Eve's Journey: 1923

Diary page 24 Oct 1923

Lt. Col Canch-Kavanagh: “On 4 July 1921 a ‘small gathering of gentleman’ convened, place unknown, summoned by Lieutenant Colonel M.R. Canch Kavanagh, late of the Black Watch ... They met to discuss the advisability of re-starting, or continuing, the Order of the Beggar’s Benison. Those assembled unanimously agreed that this should be done.”
Stevenson, D. (2001). The Beggar’s Benison: Sex Clubs of Enlightenment Scotland and Their Rituals.Tuckwell Press, Scotland, p.217.

Beggar's Benison: From 1732 to 1836 the eastern tip of Fife in Scotland was the home of the Beggar’s Benison and Merryland, a club devoted to the convivial and obscene celebration of the idea of free sex, with side-lines in its early days of support for smuggling (free trade) and distinctly subversive political sentiments.”
Stevenson, D. (2001). The Beggar's Benison: Sex Clubs of Enlightenment Scotland and Their Rituals. Tuckwell Press, Scotland, p.1.