Eve’s Journey: 1923

Eve's Journey: 1923

Written and edited by Gill Brackenbury

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Why would a 30-year-old woman set out alone, with her pack-donkey Hotep, on a walking tour through England and Scotland in 1923?

A post-WW1 Bohemian young woman, Eve Brackenbury recorded her extraordinary trip in a surprisingly intimate diary. As you accompany her on the trip, her individuality is revealed: quirky interests, a spark of wickedness and inclination to shock people, a very matter-of-fact approach to men and sex, and her courage and curiosity.

Believing that “Everything is worth trying at least once” Eve rose to the challenge of new, and sometimes risky, experiences and showed spirit and resourcefulness crossing the moors with Hotep, walking for hours in atrocious weather and fending off some unnerving unwanted attention.   

Gradually the nature of her predicament becomes apparent ...

Product Details
                      Eve’s Journey: 1923
Author:                 Written and edited by Gill Brackenbury
Publisher:            Gill Brackenbury, New Zealand, 2019
Formats/ISBN:   PDF  978-0-473-49640-1
                                  EPUB 978-0-473-49638-8
                                  Mobi 978-0-473-49639-5
Language:            English
Release date:      December 2019
Copyright:           Creative Commons International Licence
Subjects:               Biography, travel, feminism, memoir, post WW1 social history, history

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